Bruno Martinović

Bruno bike guide

My name is Bruno I come from Samobor, a small town near Zagreb. I studied Tourism management at Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and soon after started to work as a bike guide. Biking is my passion. Every free moment I have, I am on the bike enjoying the area around Zagreb. In 2014, I started to work as a local guide for Zagreb.


Education: MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Languages: English, German
Guide since: 2009


Bruno’s favorite:

…restaurant in Zagreb is Kaptolska klet restaurant with tradition over 60 years. In Kaptolska klet tradition meets innovation in the kitchen, and in hospitality that they offer. There you will feel the fullness of taste that the traditional Zagreb cuisine offers.

…museum in Zagreb is the Technical museum Nikola Tesla. The Technical Museum was established in 1954 in Zagreb, and it follows in the tradition of the great science and technology museums of the world. In addition to the several thousand items on permanent display, the Museum has some 10,000 items in storage. Among them are objects of everyday use which are typical of the industrial era of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Museum invests a lot of effort into popularizing science and technology.

…product of Croatia is gingerbread, a colorfully decorated biscuit made of sweet honey dough that forms part of the Croatian cultural heritage. The gingerbread cookie is a traditional symbol of the Croatian capital of Zagreb. It is used as an ornamental gift, often given at celebrations of love such as weddings and St. Valentine’s Day. At Christmas time, the city of Zagreb and the Christmas tree in the main square are festooned with thousands of gingerbreads.

…thing to do in Zagreb is to see the performance of The Cravat Regiment. It is a guard of honor based in Zagreb. Beginning in 2010, the regiment has regularly performed a march in the Upper Town of Zagreb which culminates in a changing of the guard at St Mark’s Square. The regiment wears uniforms that are replicas of those worn by the military forces called the Croats which fought during the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century.

… destination outside of Zagreb are the Plitvice lakes. They are the oldest and the biggest among the 8 national parks in Croatia. They consist of 16 connected lakes, numerous waterfalls and rich flora and fauna. The area is a phenomenon of karst hydrography and was put on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.