Hrvoje Kuček

Hrvoje Kuček

Hrvoje, the founder and the CEO of ESA, was born in Zagreb in 1970. He studied Geography at the University of Zagreb and soon after started to work as a part-time guide. In 2006, Hrvoje realized Zagreb’s rising need of a guiding service company, and that was how ESA was born. Along with managing a company of 10+ employees, Hrvoje loves and enjoys working as a guide with the same passion and enthusiasm that he had when he first started in 1995.

Education: MA in Geography
Languages: English, German
Guide since: 1995

Hrvoje’s favorite:

…restaurant in Zagreb is Didov san, located in the Upper Town of Zagreb. This restaurant is well known for serving traditional meals of Dalmatian hinterland – region in southern Croatia, close to the border with Bosnia and Hercegovina. Some of the authentic ”must-try” dishes include frog brudet, eel and snails!

…museum in Zagreb is The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art located in the heart of Zagreb’s Upper Town. This form of art is one of the most important and famous art styles in Croatia. Various exhibits, mostly paintings, were done by artists that had very little or no education, but with care and appreciation of the scenes and portraits depicted.

…product of Croatia is the cravat, also commonly known as a necktie. This symbol of culture and prestige originates from Croatia which makes it a perfect present or a souvenir. The brand of the best quality is Croata, famous for the typical traditional patterns such as Glagolitic letters.

…thing to do in Zagreb is an event called Strossmartre, a summer street festival organized by our famous street musicians “The Kings of the Street” at Strossmayer promenade. The Half New Year Party every 30th of June is one of the festival’s highlights! It is, of course, celebrated with champagne and fireworks followed by good rock, swing or blues concert.

…destination outside of Zagreb is Vinski vrh, a charming winery just an hour away from Zagreb. It is located in the northern region of Croatia called Hrvatsko Zagorje, known for a variety of wines and a tradition in winemaking. Vinski Vrh offers an award winning selection of local wines like Pinot Noir or Chardonnay and a relaxing atmosphere in the heart of Zagorje’s wine growing hills.