Ivana Fijan

Ivana Fijan

Ivana was born in 1976 in Zagreb. After finishing Zagreb’s High School for Tourism, she was so impatient to discover the world so she opted to work for Celebrity cruise line where she worked for 13 years as a Sommelier. She learned how to appreciate good wine and food and most importantly how to enjoy and embrace life. After a while, Ivana knew that the only thing she can do best is to be a tour guide and to make people happy.

Education:  Zagreb’s High School for Tourism, VERN University
Languages: English
Guide since: 2012

Ivana’s favorite:

…restaurant in Zagreb is Šestinski Lagvić because of its breathtaking view of Zagreb. It is situated under Medvednica Mountain and is known for its traditional food such as ”peka”, meat prepared under an iron bell and ”štrukli”, homemade type of dough with cottage cheese.

…museum is the Museum of Broken Relationships. Located in the beautiful baroque palace in the Upper Town, not too far from St. Mark’s church, it shows an exhibition that will walk you through an emotional journey of the world’s break-ups.

… Croatian product is Pag cheese. The long tradition of making cheese, great climate, good sheep, all combined with a professional team of people, gives this product a worldwide recognition. Cheese and wine together… guess what? A perfect marriage…..

… thing to do in Zagreb is to visit the summer theatre plays, performed in the open air such as Histrioni at Opatovina, just above Tkalciceva street, or Theatre Exit, in the backyard of the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

…destination in Croatia is Opatija, the pearl of Adriatic coast. With the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia, located on the slopes of Mountain Ucka, gently descending towards the Kvarner Bay with high-end hotels and well-tended parks and promenades, it offers plenty of possibilities throughout the year. The first hotel officially opened in 1884 called Kvarner is still there and it will bring you back to the eighteen hundreds. One of the most famous symbols of Opatija is a sculpture called “Lady with a seagull” located at Lungomare, 12 km long promenade by the sea.