Matej Jelić

Matej Jelic HNK

Matej was born in Zagreb in 1987. He has spent his early childhood in Vienna, Austria where he also went to elementary school and learned german. After finishing the middle school for electro-technics, he continued his technical education in electrotechnical engineering at the Polytechnic of Zagreb, but being a travel enthusiastic musician he made his Bachelor degree in Hotel Management in Opatija and is studying for his master’s degree. Being a tour guide gives him the opportunity to constantly learn and explore new stuff while sharing his passion for Zagreb and Croatia with others.

Education: Zagreb’s High School for Electrotechnics, Polytechnic of Zagreb, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management,

Languages: English, German

Guide since: 2014

Matej’s favorite:

… restaurant in Zagreb is Pri Zvoncu. The traditional look of the interior and the green garden is an escape into Zagreb’s countryside and with the traditional Croatian cuisine connecting continental Croatia with the coast, it really brings the best of both worlds.

… the ZOO.  The Zagreb ZOO is located in the Maksimir park across the city stadium. The park stretches to the Medvednica mountain connecting it with the forest. The zoo was completely renovated in 2016 and is one of the biggest in Southeast Europe. Today It’s the home for tigers, lions, zebras, wolves and giraffes, for bats and crocodiles and much more. The ZOO brings out the childishness in Matej and makes Sundays more relaxing.

… Zagreb is green, in fact, Zagreb is so green that it might be declared a forest. On the north side is the Medvednica mountain which stretches 40km from east to west and is 1035m tall. It gives the opportunity to go hiking from the city center and whoever reaches the top in the winter can have some fun skiing. Even the world ski cup is organized there.

… in the summer time, we have plenty of lakes to choose from, but Jarun being near the center and being the biggest lake is ideal for windsurfing, swimming, kayaking or even wakeboarding.

Croatia is an amazing little country, with the green forests and castles in the north and the 1000+ islands in the Adriatic sea. But Istria and especially Rovinj are a colorful combination of culture, cuisine and nature. Rovinj a small town in the middle of the western coast of Croatia’s biggest peninsula Istria, is a colorful mediterranean medieval town with a certain Italian charm. It is only two and a half hours drive away from Zagreb and with al the small villages in the surrounding it’s definitely the perfect destination for a romantic weekend trip.

Istria is also known for its cuisine and wines. Mediterranean cuisine influenced by the Italian traditions. It has more meats and pasta than in Dalmatia, but it is also the only region in Croatia where it’s possible to find white truffles. One of Matej’s favorite dishes is “Fuži with truffles”, a traditional pasta garnished with truffles.