Neven Kamenski

Neven Kamenski

Neven, the COO of ESA, was born in the City of Zagreb in 1981. While studying at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Neven started working as a part-time tour guide in his hometown. It was pretty much a love at first sight and even after acquiring an MA degree in Marketing he continued to work as a guide. As Neven says: “Why would I change my winning team?”

Education: MA in Marketing
Languages: English, German
Guide since: 2004

Neven’s favorite:

…restaurant in Zagreb is Gallo because of their beautiful Mediterranean cuisine. Try freshly caught fish or seafood from the Adriatic Sea but in the middle of Zagreb! Their Tiramisu cake is ”an absolute must” for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth. The restaurant is located right around the corner from the Croatian National Theatre at 34 Hebrangova Street.

…museum in Zagreb is the Museum of Broken Relationships because of its creative, innovative and funky ideas. Read and learn about people’s past relationships and explore some of the most unusual items that people gave each other when they were in love. Until recently, this unique museum existed only in Croatia. The museum is located in Zagreb’s Upper town area at 2 Ćirilometodska Street.

…Croatian product are Croatian truffles. Some of the world’s most famous truffles come from Croatia. Did you know that the biggest truffle ever found, weighing 1.31 kg or 2.88 lbs., was found on November 2 1999 near Buje, Croatia by Mr. Giancarlo Zigante of the prestigious Zigante Truffles?

…thing to do in Zagreb is taking long walks through the beautiful Maksimir park, located in the Eastern part of the city, only about 20 min away from the city center via public transportation.

…destination in Croatia, outside of Zagreb is the UNESCO Heritage sight of Plitvice Lakes. At Plitvice lakes, you will be able to see and explore breathtaking scenery and walk among 16 lakes and numerous waterfalls. This gorgeous national park is located only two hours away from Zagreb.