Nikola Brkljačić

tour guide in Zagreb
Nikola was born in Zagreb in 1987. in a family which valued the arts above everything else. He got involved in music and arts along with his older sister before he was old enough to start school.
Educated at the School of applied arts and design and Music school he went on to get his college education at the Zagreb Academy of fine arts and the Zagreb college of philosophical studies.
His whole life has been mostly dedicated to his musical pursuits, until 2018. when he decided to turn his Art History/ Fine Arts education into a professional career as a local/regional guide for the city of Zagreb and its surrounding area.
Fluent in both the English and German languages his main goal as a tour guide is to present his guests with the heritage, history, and culture that his hometown is known for in Europe and throughout the world. A melting pot of Continental Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans, Nikola’s main aim is to familiarise the visitors of his city with the past, present, and future of people and places that made his home what it is today.
As a proud custodian of Croatian culture and heritage and ambassador of his hometown, he is happy to share his country’s and his town’s culture and some of its lesser-known qualities and secrets with anyone who decides to pay the city of Zagreb a visit.