Samanta Bićanić

Samanta photo

Samanta was born in Zagreb in 1987. Since she was a girl, her dream has been to learn foreign languages and travel the world in order to learn about different cultures. At her mother’s suggestion, she went on to study Tourism at the University of Zagreb, and she never looked back. She is an incurable bookworm, a movie buff and a salsa dancer.

Education: MA in Tourism

Languages: English, Spanish

Guide since: 2015


Samanta’s favorite:

….restaurant in Zagreb is Lanterna na Dolcu because of their wonderful choice of traditional dishes. Their cream mushroom soup is the best she had ever tried, and she is not a fan of cream mushroom soup in general. The restaurant is located just above the Dolac Market at 31 Opatovina Street.

….pastry shop in Zagreb is Amelie because they make their own original cakes and every single one she tried was wonderful. Their Almond and Lemon Cake is one of her favorite cakes. The pastry shop is located on the way to the cathedral at 6 Vlaška Street.

….museum in Zagreb is Zagreb City Museum because you can learn everything about Zagreb’s history from its medieval beginnings to the modern times on three floors. The museum is located in Zagreb’s Upper Town area at 20 Opatička Street.

….Croatian product is olive oil. Due to her Dalmatian heritage, olive oil is an integral part of almost all of her cooking attempts, but one of her favorite things is to dip the bread in olive oil and enjoy the taste.

….thing to do in Zagreb is taking a walk through the city center, especially along the East side of the Green Horseshoe on the way from the Main Square to the Main Train Station and through the streets of the Upper Town area in the night, when they are illuminated with the old gas lamps.

…. destination in Croatia, outside of Zagreb is Zadar, her mother’s hometown on the coast of Croatia. Its rich Roman heritage and beautiful, clear sea take her breath away every time she visits. Her favorite pastime in Zadar is sitting on the Sea Organ reading a book or watching the most beautiful sunset in the world (according to Alfred Hitchcock, anyway).