Basic Info

The dialing code for Croatia is +385.
The Croatian language uses the Latin alphabet.
The weights and measures system is metric.


New Year’s Day – January 1st
Epiphany – January 6th
Easter – March or April (Moveable feast)
Easter Monday – March or April (Moveable feast)
Labour Day – May 1st
Corpus Christi – June (Moveable feast)
Anti-Fascist Struggle Day – June 22nd
Statehood Day – June 25th
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day – August 5th
Assumption of the Virgin Mary – August 15th
Independence Day – October 8th
All Saints Day – November 1st
Christmas Holidays – December 25 and 26


Zagreb has a continental climate with an average temperature of up to 30 C in summer and down to -10 C in winter.


220V; 50Hz


GTM + 1 hour (during summer: GTM + 2 hours)