Rafting Adventures

Rafting in Croatia

Explore the beautiful surrounding of wild water near Zagreb and find yourself in a rafting adventure in the middle of Croatia. The Rivers Una, Cetina and Mrežnica are famous for their clear water and foresty surroundings.

Rafting the Cetina River is the most popular and most attended adventure excursion in Dalmatia. Rafting in the protected area of the river attracts many tourists every summer.

The three to four-hour long rafting trip takes you down a 11-kilometer-long part of the Cetina course.

No previous rafting experience is needed if you can swim. Even children from 6 years old accompanied by parents can participate in this exciting trip on Cetina river.

Rafting is a real adventure sport. Rafting trips are suitable for everyone and does not require prior knowledge of paddling. Rafting guides are experienced kayakers-skippers, experts in wild waters, especially the river Una. With them you will experience the most attractive and unique beauty of the river and its canyon. Una River is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in the world and it is a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia. Unspoiled nature of the Una river valley and its emerald rapids will impress you and do not miss a chance of rafting on it.

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