Trakošćan castle and Varaždin

  • Approximate duration: 07:00 HRS
Zagorje Castle Trakoscan

For all those romantic dreamers, we offer a real step into the past: a visit to Trakošćan Castle and Varaždin. Dating way back to the 13th century, this exquisite jewel was initially built as a defense fortress and later on extended and readjusted as a residence of the Drašković noble family. The well preserved castle houses a museum on four levels, with rooms representing various styles of interior decoration.

Afterwards the tour continues to Varaždin, also known as Little Vienna. This town served as Croatian capital for 20 years in the 18th century, and today it is the cultural center of Northern Croatia. The Old Town of Varaždin, as another example of a castle in which this region abounds, has a symbolic status for the locals, and the baroque atmosphere of its surroundings invites you to roam through the streets in search of the past.

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(The price includes: driver, guide, car, transportation costs, walking tour, Museum and Castle tickets. Food and drinks are NOT included in the price.)